His Story


It was June 2016 and I had just moved back to Philadelphia after spending 3 years in Miami.  I swiped right…and BOOM! I had a match on Bumble with this girl named Nirali Shah.  That same day, I had no idea where to take her on a date, so I went to what I thought was the perfect place – The Wrap Shack (A sports bar across from my old apartment that I reqularly went to during medical school.  Normally, conversations on a first date were a struggle, but with Nirali, it was so easy.  I didn’t want the date to end, so I suggested we go to the speakeasy bar next door (which I later found was a great move since Nirali doesn’t frequently visit hole in the wall sports bars). I left that very first date knowing she was someone special.  We met again several times over the next few weeks and continued to find more and more in common.  By the end of that summer, there was no question about it – we had something special that I was so excited about.  


About a year later, I knew she was the one.  With the help of our friends, she unknowingly picked out her own ring AND showed me without having any idea I was about to propose.  I told her we were going to have a “family party at home” and that my mom was “making me dress up” (sorry mom).  My mom suggested to Nirali that she wear something Spring-colored, so she bought a new yellow dress that day.  Unfortunately I had no yellow ties, so instead of just borrowing one from someone, I ordered 8 DIFFERENT TIES.  How Nirali didn’t see this as a red flag is beyond me, but I was able to pick the perfect tie.  As we walked on to the deck, she asked “why is everyone staring at us?” Instead of answering, I just kept walking knowing that she’d figure it out in a few seconds.  I honestly don’t remember much after that, but luckily it was video-taped. The rest can be seen above!

Her Story

It was June 2016 and I was extremely intrigued and confused by this Spanish-looking guy with an Indian name on Bumble. One swipe right later, I had a match on Bumble with Rahul Kataria. That Monday afternoon, Rahul said, "Well you seem relatively normal..." and asked me on a date for that very same evening. I begrudgingly met him at The Wrap Shack which turned out to be every bit the name describes - a smelly and grungy shack. I couldn't wait to get out of there when he suggested to go to this swanky Speakeasy right next door.  I jumped at the opportunity to leave the SHACK. After being stuck in the same Uber going to our apartments after our date that rainy Monday evening, I knew that this guy was not going to be easy to get rid of.

Rahul asked for my Snapchat username the next day (way to aggressive), but somehow he still managed to win me over throughout that summer.  Needless to say, he was very persistent and I eventually thought it was so sweet.  A year and many adventures later,  I remember telling him that I didn't believe that proposals could actually be keep in secret.  Rahul accepted this challenge and recruited some friends and family to give me the best surprise of my life.  I was shocked. He got down on one knee, and I immediately said YES! We can’t wait for this exciting new chapter to begin!